Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF) Has Done It Again!

On June 25, 2014, the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF) released the Guidelines for Diagnosing and Managing Pediatric Concussion.

The guidelines—funded by ONF—offer health care practitioners, schools, community organizations/centers, parents and caregivers the tools to provide the best care to children and/or adolescents who have sustained a concussion.

Barry Munro (Chair, Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation) and Joseph Falconeri (Member, Board of Directors, Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation) thank all of the members of the Guidelines Project Team. Because of their dedication, hard work, and guidance—along with the funding and support of the ONF—there are now guidelines in place to help individuals make more informed decisions when it’s suspected a child and/or adolescent has sustained a concussion. This, of course, results in best possible outcomes for our youths both today and in the future.

The Guidelines for Diagnosing and Managing Pediatric Concussion can be used before an injury occurs, on presentation to acute care, on discharge, on interim assessment and on further re-assessment—according to the situation.

For ease of access, the guidelines are divided into three versions specific to your role:

1. Recommendations for Health Care Professionals

2. Recommendations for Schools and/or Community Sports Organizations/Centres

3. Recommendations for Parents and/or Caregivers

Alternatively, you can download the full guidelines to glean the whole picture.

Please visit the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation’s website, www.onf.org, for more information.