Joseph Falconeri gives back at the 2nd Annual Hockey Arbitration Competition

It was an exciting moment! 32 teams from 12 different law schools across Canada had come together to compete in the 2nd Annual Hockey Arbitration Competition at the University of Toronto (October 18-19, 2013.)

During the competition, law students and sports fans alike had the opportunity to advance their research, writing and oral advocacy skills within the specialized context of an NHL Salary Arbitration proceeding. It was now down to two finalists–University of Windsor’s Pat Ganley and Ed Snetsinger; and, Osgoode Hall’s Adam Theofanidis and Justin D’Alosio.

Who will be victorious? It’s up to the three arbitrators to decide. Volunteering his extensive experience in Personal Injury Law, Joseph Falconeri, partner at Falconeri Munro Tucci LLP and chair of the advisory panel to Play It Cool was one of the arbitrators along with Clifford Hart, partner at Miller Thomson LLP; and Sam Hill, lawyer and business consultant at Law Offices of Sam Hill.

After the two teams battled in an extremely hard fought final, the arbitrators left the room to deliberate. The energy in the room was high, as the audience waited for the results. The arbitrators re-entered the room and announced the winner: the team representing the University of Windsor was crowned this year’s champion. Coming in second place was the team representing Osgoode Hall.

This exhilarating event ended with a speakers’ panel consisting of Joe Falconeri; Clifford Hart; Allain Roy, president and CEO of CMG Sports; and Anton Thun, co-managing director of MFIVE Sports Management. Various legal issues in the world of professional hockey were discussed during this lively conversation.

Special thanks to the organizers of this successful event: Christopher Travascio and Adrian Battiston on behalf of the University of Toronto Sports and Entertainment Law Society.

Says co-chair Adrian Battiston (as per the University of Toronto Faculty of Law’s news website), “What speaks the loudest about the success of the Hockey Arbitration Competition of Canada is the overwhelming praise we continue to receive from participants, a handful of individuals emphasizing to us that this has been –by far–one of the most valuable experience of their law school careers to date.”

Hockey Arbitraton eam 2013


From left: Adrian Battiston, Co-Chair, Hockey Arbitration Competition of Canada; Anton Thun, Co-Managing Director, MFIVE Sports Management; Allain Roy, President and CEO, CMG Sports; Clifford Hart, Partner, Miller Thomson LLP; David Goldstein, Associate, Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP; G. Joseph Falconeri, Partner, Falconeri Munro Tucci LLP; Chris Travascio, Co-Chair, Hockey Arbitration Competition of Canada