Gregory Tucci Mentors Up and Coming Law Students at the University of Windsor’s Law Career Day 2014

Falconer Munro Tucci LLP's Managing Partner at University of Windsor's Law Career Day 2014

Gregory Tucci, Falconeri Munro Tucci LLP’s Managing Partner, at University of Windsor’s Law Career Day 2014

At the age of 22, Gregory Tucci received his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Windsor in 1989—making him one of the youngest graduates ever in the Province of Ontario! It comes as no surprise then that Gregory was invited to be one of five legal experts to sit on a panel during the University of Windsor’s Law Career Day on March 5, 2014.

The panel topic was “How to Succeed as a Summer/Articling Student.” The students were hungry for information and thirsty for knowledge: “What advice you would give to law students as they transition from student to professional?”  “What is the importance of one’s reputation?” “How does a student show professional growth at your firm?” Gregory happily shared his vast knowledge and expertise to help the students succeed during this very pivotal moment in their lives.

What was the question that sticks out most in Gregory’s mind? It was: “What do you consider to be a cardinal sin while you’re working as an articling student?” Gregory responded, “A cardinal sin for me is when you come into my office and you don’t know something but you pretend you do. Don’t ever lie to your principal or mentor. Be straight up. Apologize. Don’t try to cover it up or you’ll get fired.”

He also gave the students these very important words of wisdom: “You have to learn that there is a difference between the business of law and the practice of law. You can be the best lawyer but if you don’t know how to run the business of law, you won’t succeed. So make sure you learn the business of law.”

Gregory certainly knows both the business of law and practice of law. In his 24 years of practice, he has closed some 20,000 Real Estate transactions. He has conducted lecture seminars in all three areas of his practice in various forums including the banking sector and the estates planning sector. He is the Managing Partner at Falconeri Munro Tucci LLP and brings a wealth of experience in his three key areas of practice: Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Corporate Commercial Law, and Wills and Estates.

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